High Voltage Test Solutions for the Rail Industry

Testing of components or complete railway technology systems

The motors that are used to accelerate today’s modern rail coaches often utilise high voltages with up to 25,000 volts. This creates high demands on both components and sub-assemblies, such as driver’s cabins, switchboards and harnesses. But there are other modules such as air conditioning, WIFI and other extensive comfort equipment to increase the overall complexity of the system.

  • Our portfolio of high voltage test systems have been designed and are widely used for this broad range of applications and the special demands of the railway and transportation industry
  • Efficient test systems for functional module and subassembly testing with rated voltages or insulation test with up to 6,000 VDC or 3,600 VAC
  • Modular test systems that can be configured exactly to particular demands and standards as well as for the specific requirements of the device under test, DUT.
  • Distributed switching matrix for fast, easy final inspection of trains, carriages or subassemblies of!

Optional expansion units to enable up to 300,000 test points

Short interface cables, with distributed test options increase measurement accuracy and save cost time and space

Weight optimised enclosures and cases to facilitate ease of handling

  • Compact, portable testers enabling functional tests of sub-assemblies at the point of installation, for example, inter-vehicle jumper systems, driver’s cabins and electrical enclosures.

High Voltage Wire Harness Test Systems For The Rail Sector