High Voltage Test Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

Detection of voltages on electrical systems

Our portfolio of high voltage testing equipment is perfect for the safe and practical detection of voltages on electrical systems in the power generation and distribution industries.

Whether you are a manufacturer or operator, you need to ensure cost-effective and safe use of your electrical installations and power plants. Our electrical wiring test equipment expertise helps you to fulfil wide-ranging national and international standards and regulations. Thorough, automated testing helps prevent power and data failures, ensuring the reliable operation of your facilities.

We are the UK’s leading provider of test equipment for cables and harnesses as well as modules for electrical installations around the world. As a result, we provide unrivalled expertise, experience and technology, along with accreditations to all major standards and regulations. That is why using CTS equipment and services can help you.

High Voltage Elctrical Test Systems For Power & Control Industries