Test Solutions for the Motor Sport Industry

WINNING the race with failsafe electronics

The wiring loom on a motor sports car is the guts of the system. If it fails the car fails. This is why high reliability testing of the loom before it is fitted into the car is so critical.

A typical harness in a high performance custom sports car can take many man hours to build and used to take up to a day to test. High voltage test systems supplied by Combined Test Solutions cut this dramatically. For example, the CH2 high voltage tester,  which is part of the Cirris Easy-Wire system – a complete system that can be used for constructing test harnesses as well as testing them –  essentially allows a test interface to be constructed in minutes and tested in modules on re-usable grid tiles. Designers can automat­ically create CAD files for the interface design and these are downloaded to the tester’s PC.

The CH2 test system is used not only by the majority of Race car teams worldwide, like Mercedes, McLaren, Red-Bull, Jaguar, Cosworth, etc.], but also by aerospace and defense companies like NASA, BAE, Hughes and Thales.

High Voltage Wire Harness Test Systems For The Motorsports Industry