Test Solutions for Defence

Testing of wiring, connectors & complete systems  conforming to military requirements

Connectors are at the core of all interconnect systems. A connector’s ability to perform to specification, and isolate individual circuits is critical to product operation.

Wiring and connectors conforming to military requirements regularly require 100% testing by manufactures at the component level at thousands of volts, even when their working voltage is specified at less than 1000 volts. As an example MIL-W-16878E TYPE EE (TFE hook-up wire) rated at 1000 volts must be 100% production tested with a ball chain spark gap of 5,000 volts as part of its manufacturing process.

Cirris and Adaptronic test systems are used by most of the world’s leading connector manufacturers to test contact resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, and capacitance of inserts and connectors. Our test programs are fast and easy to create with test reports being automatically generated and test results logged to your server, in real time. These results enable statistical and variance analysis in batch production. Our in-house experts can design and build dedicated test rigs to interface your connector product range.

We have long been the number one choice for connector manufacturers such as Amphenol, Lemo, Tyco, LPA, AB Connectors and others amongst our huge customer base. Connectors typically require stringent testing as well as careful fitting to ensure they have the required levels of performance and good low resistance connections to the cables or wire strands that join them. In many cases, it will be the connector that delivers poor conductivity within a wiring harness or electrical assembly, hence detailed, in depth testing using our expertise with eliminate field failures.

CTS supplied test solutions prove the integrity of connectors, checking the inserts and other individual components as required. We can even provide guided build systems to enable faster assembly with greater precision. Test programs checks each electrical characteristic of the connector, returning test reports that show measured values, while diagnosing any faults that enable faster rectification.

CTS supplied interfaces and test rigs are used globally to improve the efficiency of testing connectors. Our proven success not only in the supply but in the support of these connector test systems mean that CTS continues to be the number one choice for cost effective, high performance connector testing.

High Voltage Wire Harness Test Systems For The Defence Sector