Test Solutions for Aviation

Aircraft engine, fuselage and system test

The use of Cirris and Adaptronic test systems in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft engines has been proven over many years to significantly reduce production time, reduce MRO turnaround time, and eliminate costly test cell failures.

Our engine test systems as used by Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney among many others, can be used to test harnesses and electrical systems both off and on-engine. Our systems are used to test in the harness shop and again after build or rebuild of the engine. The use for the MK system reduces the need for lengthy manual testing and inspection, and eliminates the chance of electrical failure in the fuelled test cell.

Capital recovery on our engine test systems is typically measured in months! One global manufacturer of aircraft engines cut their test time down from 1 week to under 1 hour.  Contact the team at CTS to discuss how our systems can support and improve your manufacturing and MRO processes.

  • High speed automatic continuity and shorts testing
  • High voltage insulation test
  • Dielectric testing
  • Automatic function test of active components
  • Automatic generation of test report with measurements and results
  • Automatic creation of test and results datalogging, for future reference in real time

High Voltage Wire Harness Test Systems For The Aviation Sector