Test Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Testing of automotive modules and components

Fast, efficient and cost-effective testing of high volume applications with a high mix sums up testing requirements in the automotive industry. Complexity is inexorably rising and together with it – the chance of failure!

Today, passenger cars, trucks and agricultural machinery are equipped with complex electric, electronic and non-electronic systems for motor management, onboard computing, assistance systems, electrical power units and hybrid technology.

Testing these systems requires high-end technology. Test systems supplied by CTS for nearly three decades have met these requirements and today cover a broad range of tests—from the cable/harness wiring test, through to functional test including the test of bus systems and even entire components.


  • Modular test systems can be configured exactly to requirement as well as the specific requirements of the unit under test.
  • When the requirement evolves or changes the test environment can be altered to add or remove features, creating great flexibility as well as cost effectiveness.
  • Our software solutions provide integration to CAD/CAM as well as ERP systems to test a broad variety of options in one production line.
  • Flexible applications: on-board supply systems with low voltages of 12 V, 24 V or the new 48 V technology, or with high voltage (e.g. for hybrids) can be tested
  • Rapid test times, maintaining pre-determined TAKT or cycle times in an automated manufacturing environment are normal procedure for CTS.
  • Bi-directional remote control of interface modules or the activation of peripheral devices such as marking systems are easily incorporated.

Portable Wire Harness Test Systems For The Automotive Sector